Monday, November 24, 2008

Fishing in the Freezing Hyrum dam

So today Doyle went fishing with the Bishop and they didn't catch a thing.
But this couple came and fished just down from them and caught their limit.
So Doyle comes home and eats and says, do you want to go back with me.
I said sure and we went back at 3:00 in the afternoon to fish and it was cold.
We didnt' even get a bite. We tangled lines and caught drift wood but no bites.
Finally Doyle said lets go. It's too cold.
So we left.
What is wrong with them?
They're crazy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I screwed up and i don't know what i'm doing.

HELP ME Cheli or Shay.

Medical Terminology

What was i thinking. Am a masacist(s?)or what?

This class is kicking my butt.

I study every minute of the day and into the night.

It is 11:30 p.m. right now and i had to take a break from distrophy and dystrophic, and hemolyze and hemoglobin and hemolysin and hemolytic. They are killing me these little blood cells that destroy and release hemoglobin.

And that's not the least of it. it gets worse.







ive and


all pertaining to something or another.

So far i have gotten a 50 out of 55, that was my fist test that i was so stressed over i could hardly breathe. Then i got a 97 out of 100, better, then i got a 98 out of 100. It would have and should have been 100 but i circled the wrong letter i think because i was distracted by something the teacher did in class. Well that's my story and i am sticking to it.

So Doyle took me to Wendover for a break. I took my books to try and study. Got alittle bit done but not much.

He won $1900. That was so nice. Now i get to stay home for at least another month right!!!!!

I've been sad since Leland told me the news of my high school friend, Roxena Westlake.

She had a brain tumor and passed away.

Her funeral is Thursday at 1:00 and i am going home to Montpelier for it.

I am trying to find some pictures i have of her that i can copy and give to her family. They might like that.

Lexy, Rolands second to the youngest little girl had her appendix rupture on Thursday and was so sick but they didn't know that was what it was. They thought it was the flu. They finally took her to the hospital on Saturday and she had the appendix removed. She is one sick little girl. Her dad and grandpa's gave her a blessing today.I hope she is looking better tomorrow.

Off to learn some more terms like pathologies and cyteosis, and epilepsy and enzyme. So fun. Sleep well all you lucky go to bed early people.