Monday, January 30, 2012

Studying The Scriptures

 I came across this blog. and had to share.
Anytime i find something about studying the scriptures i automatically perk up. I love studying the scriptures but am not always consistent at it. I am going to make a better effort this year to do so and record my personal revelation a bit better also.

I love those aha moments and want to record them so they sink deep into my heart.
I hope you will do the same.


Sunday, January 1, 2012


I recently started to follow this blog,
I want to be one of those women who when you look at me, you know i love Christ. When you see me you see him. Oh i have a long way to go. Short temper, smug attitude, German stubbornness, (thanks grandma) and so many more short comings. But i still want to be better, to work on these things and share the love of the gospel with others.
This year i want to read the standard works in a year.
My husband asked me what am i going to give up as my new years resolution.
I have thought about that long and hard.
But i can't come up with anything i want to give up.
The first thing that popped into my head was chocolate. Heck NO! Do you want me to be more stubborn, more short tempered, uhh, No i don't think that is a good idea. :)
But as i kept thinking about things i thought what can i add?
Eat more veggies? Yes!
Eat more fruit? Yes!
Exercise? Yes!
Read my scriptures daily? Yes!
Improve myself? Yes!
These are the things i want to add and in doing so i will give up a little time to do them.
So my answer to him will be time to do all these things.
So really the reason for this post, was just to share the link above and hopefully one of you will want to read the scriptures in a year AND Daily draw closer to Christ.
line upon line
precept upon precept
We are all on the path....... just at different levels.