Sunday, September 28, 2008


It's a beautiful fall day today.

Church was very uplifting as always.

Testimonies were born. I wanted to get up and bear mine, but i am so shy. Yes, I am!

Spiritual Thought for the day:

Elder Neal A. Maxwell wrote,

"It wasn't until the prophet was physically confined that his mind was fully liverated...The double walls, four feet thick, kept Joseph and his companions in, but they could not keep the spirit and revelation out."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just an update, nothing exciting

Check out the Church of Christ temple in Independence Mosouri. Quite unique. The LDS visitor center is right behind it and the grounds are so beautifule.
The Church of Christ tabernacle is to the right of the temple. There is a LDS stake center to the East of the visitor center.

Well i survived my Scentsy candle party today.

But the sad thing was only Shay and Jamie came to it.

It ended at 5 but Cece hung around because i told her Cheli would come after 5.

Cheli and her sister in law Amber came over after that so i guess i can say the 4 people actually came. Thanks for coming you guys, what would i do with out you all.

Doyle was getting sick from all the candle smells but he survived.

Then we ran to Franklin to buy a lottery ticket. 200 million $$$ right now. How could we resist.

But when we do win it i will remember all of you!!!!

Ryan called and wanted to take us to dinner. So we met them at Callaways in Smithfield and had a pizza. It was really good. I really enjoyed the cute surroundings also. Their kids love me. They are so stinking cute. It makes me miss Akalia and Merrick so much. Especially when Kiley comes up to me and just hugs me. It is the cutest thing ever.

Darn kids anyway that grow up and think they need to experience the world.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Akalia and Merrick in S.C.
I miss them so much. Reena gave me this cute picture while they were here. Cheli has a cute one too i need to get a copy of. I was going to go see them in October but Courtney hasn't got the flying papers worked out yet for me to fly free. Maybe later. I sure do miss them.
But Doyle draaaaaaaaaaaaaaags me to all of Morgans activities so i keep busy.
Last night was Puff football. I was frustrated at first but once we got there and started to watch them play it was fun. I especially enjoyed the boy cheerleaders all dressed up in their mini skirts. A few of them could actually pass for girls the way they wiggle.
It was fun.

Hey everyone. I am having a Scentsy party on Saturday the 27th. Please come. If you can't come be sure to check out the cataloge for the new plug ins. only 15$. I am for sure going to get one of those for my bathroom.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just another day in Paradise

Check out the fish Doyle caught.
He was a bit proud.
Who can blame him.

He is going fishing again with the bishop in the morning but i wanted to post these for Leland's benefit.

Sounds like this i s going to be a good week for fishing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Called To Zion

Hello Everyone,
I know it has been forever since i have updated my blog, but i have been busy.
I was called to Zion,
Yes, Zion.
Only the call came from work.
But what a great oportunity.
My manager asked me to go to Independence Mosouri to manage a sort.
I wanted to go but was so afraid.
Doyle said he would go with me. So i went.
I went alone. Flew alone, arrived alone, rented my car alone, drove to the Bed & Breakfast alone, and then drove to my work site alone.
Doyle got bumped from his flight to Phonex and then when in Phonex got bumped again, so he didn't arrive until 11:30 Sunday night and i had to drive back to the airport ALONE to get him.
Man was i happy to see him.
We had a great time exploring the sights we could get to.
The church history sight in Independence and drove all over Independence.
What an interesting little town. It was all about Harry S. Trumen. He lived there.
Then we went to Liberty Jail.
That was amazing.
The spirit was so strong. That made the trip all worth the struggle.
It rained every day except one.
We even had a tornado on Friday night before we came home.
Man that was scary. Well to me it was. Doyle wasn't scared at all. He was calm cool and collect.
He is my rock!!!!
I am so glad to be home.
I would like to go again when all i have to do is be a tourist, not a working woman.

Pictures to follow soon.