Thursday, March 26, 2009

Camera Fun

Remember the old Jewlery mom use to have. I think most of it was broken or one ear ring was lost. Too bad they are not real diamonds. My very favorite snack of all time. POPCORN!!!!, Remember when mom would pop up the bread pan full and drizzle real butter all over it. YUM! YUM! YUM! I miss mom.

Some of our Scouts. I think 3 are missing. We had to deliver bags for the food drive and it was snowing wet heavy snow. We were drenched and cold when we were finished. But we have some great scouts.

It was Kourtneys birthday yesterday. She is 6.

My Hubby

Cutie Kiley

So Doyle bought me a new camera to take on my trip down the coast with Leland and Toni and Jamie. Can i say excited. 8 days left and we are on our way. I can hardley wait. I just wish Doyle was going with us. It is the same time as his anual fishing trip for steel head up on the salmon river with his boys. Anyway i have been taking pictures to get use to my new camera and i thought i would post a few of them here. Tell me what you think.


Reena Bostock said...

I remember all that jewelry! I loved looking through her dresser with all of her perfumes from Terence and her gems strung out all over her doylies (sp). I miss grandma. I wish she was here to see all of her great grand babies. I know she is sitting up in heaven with her future great grand children and watching over them until it's their time to come to earth and that's comforting.
Mom---I hope you have a great time in Cali. Look for the stor BUBBLES in Laguna if you get the chance. If your in Dana Point there is an amazing breakfast shop that sells the best doughnut holes you will ever taste. Better than KRispy KREME. I'll call you soon just because I miss you tons. Love your daughter in the east who loves and misses you very much.

Reena Bostock said...

Sorry had a few spelling errors. Like store!

Shay Lee said...

I think it looks like a good camera and I am way jealous of your trip with my fam. Oh well. Also, I think I do remember that neclace of Grandmas. I use to love to look through her things on her dresser there as you walked into her room. I wonder how she felt about it. LOL! Thanks for all the fun pics.

The Barfus' said...

looks like your having fun with your new camera!!!