Tuesday, October 13, 2009

50 in 2 days

So i just thought i would add a post and thank everyone for coming to my party on Sunday. I especially want to thank Cheli for giving such a great party. She came out of her shell and it was so fun. Everyone said they had a good time. The questioneer was fun. I am proud of Cheli for how far she has come.
I love her to pieces and want her to know how special she is to me.
I alos want to thank the Olsons for making me feel welcome into their family. I am so lucky to have all of them in my life. They make life fun and "Sporting" LOL! I am trying to get use to all the sports. I have seen more games of all kinds in the last 2 years than i have seen in my life time. Who would have ever thought that i would be watching basketball, softball, and soccer the way i fought about it with my brothers. Ha! well i guess i'm getting my fill of it now. Funny how much i am enjoying it all.

Miss Reena/Craig and the grandkids so far away. I hope i can go see them in Nov. Give me courage. :(

Well Happy Birthday to me in 2 days. A 1/2 of a century old, i can't believe it. I still feel like i am 25. :)
and act like it sometimes too. lol

Happy Day!!

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Reena Bostock said...

Happy Birthday TODAY!!!! I love and miss you so much. I give you so much courage that you are ACTUALLY going to come out and see me. I can't wait...just so you know I will CRY hard if you don't come. You don't want to make your grown daughter to cry...DO YOU?