Friday, December 11, 2009

Sites of Savannah Georgia and S.Carolina

2nd Post: Savanah Georgia~River Walk
It was so awesome to drive down to the river and then walk along checking out all the stores.
Cobblestone bumpy but so cool
River Walk stores

More River Walk and Cutie Akalia

A River Boat :) duh!

An old guy sitting by the river who would play his trumpet.

An awesome old building in Savannah

Front of one of the stores on the river walk

Front of another building on the River walk
I just loved the way these old buildings looked.

Loved the way this building looked but couldn't get the whole thing in a good shot.

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Morgan said...

all of that is so pretty! i love it. i don't know how to become your friend on one of these things but if you do definitely would love it. :) ill have to hear about your guys' trip to pitsburgh too :)