Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's been a very busy couple of weeks. The Wilcox Family Reunion was great. We had a wonderful Family home evening on Monday where everyone who wanted to, bore their testimonies. Then we went to Montpelier to see an ancient Ceder tree. It was fun and the sights were beautiful and peaceful. We then went to Bear Lake and enjoyed the beach. What a beautiful country we live in.

We went to the movie, we cooked tin foil dinners up the canyon, we ate and ate and ate.
So much fun and the house was packed and it was crazy but when everyone left it was too quiet.
I miss them,

Then this weekend Doyles son came to visit from Pittsburgh with his 3 daughters and  girl friend.
And to our surprise, Doyles brother came up from Colorado and so it was like a little Olson Family Reunion.
We went to the parade at Willow Park and then off to watch Ryan play in the championship tournament in Mendon.  My friend Georgia came and watched the game and fireworks with us. She is awesome.
It was great.
They won the first game and then onto the second and final game. It was close and then Ryan gets hit in the face with a ball that took a bad jump. It split his lip open and he had to go to the hospital for stitches. It split clear through. Nasty.  He had to have 24 stitches, 3 layers. Poor Ryan.
They won.
We  then  watched the fireworks.
Very nice.
Then we headed over to Sheldons to watch his little display. It was fun. Doyle has an amazing family. I love them all.
Courtney will be leaving tomorrow. Too short of a visit. But it was nice for Doyle to see them.

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