Saturday, December 4, 2010


Making Christmas cards. Cheli had to cut out a ton of these little mittens, What was she thinking.
We started to help her. Just to show how tiny they were, Reena stuck them on her hands.
Man am i glad that is done. We had loads of fun!

Merrick joining in on the fun.

Akalia was busy making her book, "A timeline of her life" for school. Cheli was just a busy bee, concentrating so hard on cutting out all those darn mittins.

Trying to stay organized. That didin't last long. :)

I had to add this picture of Reena and Cheli. Their facial expressions are priceless. Love my girls.
This was at Thanksgiving. Dinner was superb. Josh and Cheli are like chefs. Reena made a fantastic cranberry sauce. YUM! YUM!
Happy Holidays!!!

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Norma said...

OMG those sure were tiny!!! Love to always hear from you and read your comments:)