Saturday, August 2, 2008

Doyle after dancing at the Elite Hall in Hyrum

Doyle and i just got home from dancing at the Elite Hall in Hyrum. There were only 2 other couples there. One is a friend of ours. The other was his brother. There were 3 single guys. 1 girl and she was in charge of the music. The music was really bad. (Big Band Music) She did play a couple of western songs we liked.
We came home so early. So unlike us.
But we had fun and Doyle is my Prince.
Isn't he adorable :)


The Barfus' said...

you should have called josh and i and we could of went dancing i know i would of liked to go dancing

Shay Lee said...

me too! let's all go one of these nights. Yay!

Tav said...

I like dancing hehe! I could come and dance too :-)

Shay Lee said...

Hey! You need to post some more. I'm waiting for some good gossip. HA ha. Just want to know how things are.