Monday, September 15, 2008

Called To Zion

Hello Everyone,
I know it has been forever since i have updated my blog, but i have been busy.
I was called to Zion,
Yes, Zion.
Only the call came from work.
But what a great oportunity.
My manager asked me to go to Independence Mosouri to manage a sort.
I wanted to go but was so afraid.
Doyle said he would go with me. So i went.
I went alone. Flew alone, arrived alone, rented my car alone, drove to the Bed & Breakfast alone, and then drove to my work site alone.
Doyle got bumped from his flight to Phonex and then when in Phonex got bumped again, so he didn't arrive until 11:30 Sunday night and i had to drive back to the airport ALONE to get him.
Man was i happy to see him.
We had a great time exploring the sights we could get to.
The church history sight in Independence and drove all over Independence.
What an interesting little town. It was all about Harry S. Trumen. He lived there.
Then we went to Liberty Jail.
That was amazing.
The spirit was so strong. That made the trip all worth the struggle.
It rained every day except one.
We even had a tornado on Friday night before we came home.
Man that was scary. Well to me it was. Doyle wasn't scared at all. He was calm cool and collect.
He is my rock!!!!
I am so glad to be home.
I would like to go again when all i have to do is be a tourist, not a working woman.

Pictures to follow soon.


The Barfus' said...

mom im so glad you had a good time. I know I am glad you are home!

Tav said...

Ya tornados are no fun! They are very scary! They had a ton of warnings while I was in Texas and I went through one real one. There where trees down in our pool and all over the neighborhood we where in! Good to hear your alive! And you trip sounded amazing!

Shay Lee said...

That is really so cool. I'm very proud of you, I would have been so so nervous!!!
Hey, would you and Doyle like to come to our Halloween party? We would love it if you would. October 25th 6 pm. Love ya!!