Thursday, September 25, 2008

Akalia and Merrick in S.C.
I miss them so much. Reena gave me this cute picture while they were here. Cheli has a cute one too i need to get a copy of. I was going to go see them in October but Courtney hasn't got the flying papers worked out yet for me to fly free. Maybe later. I sure do miss them.
But Doyle draaaaaaaaaaaaaaags me to all of Morgans activities so i keep busy.
Last night was Puff football. I was frustrated at first but once we got there and started to watch them play it was fun. I especially enjoyed the boy cheerleaders all dressed up in their mini skirts. A few of them could actually pass for girls the way they wiggle.
It was fun.

Hey everyone. I am having a Scentsy party on Saturday the 27th. Please come. If you can't come be sure to check out the cataloge for the new plug ins. only 15$. I am for sure going to get one of those for my bathroom.

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Reena Bostock said...

My kids are so adorable. I love you mom. Is there a website for Scentsy? I could do an order if your willing to ship it. I'll pay. Love U