Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Picasa fun

So i was playing with picasa and was trying to put my watermark on my cards like i see on all the other blogs i like to visit. When i post this card i will see if it works. It is already moving the card as i type down instead of typing around it like i thought it would so i guess i will just post my scrapbooking card i made and see how it looks in my blog. Have a great day, I am off to watch lost. One of our favorite shows.
It looks like i should have made the card bigger because you can hardly see the watermark down in the left hand corner. Next one will be better. Oh look, now that i have typed more, it is starting to type around the pictures. I like that. See i am learning something new everyday. I love it.

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The Barfus' said...

mom your to goofy!!!! got to love ya!