Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Pink Staper Color challenge #1

So i like the way the card turned out but i really need to work on my picture taking skills because this pictures looks to bright in spots and doesn't show the true color of all the shades i used. The angle looks funky too. I will have to work on that one and try to get better at it. I do like the way the emobossed sunflower turned out. As you know sunflowers are my favorite.
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Shay Lee said...

Aunt Debbie. I have a couple tips for the pics. First: if you stand farther away and just zoom in with the camera that helps with the flash making things too bright. Or if you need to be close, just turn the flash off and use a different light to make the light dispersed more evenly. That is my tip for the day. And I love all the things you put on your blog. FUN FUN!!!!