Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just babbling

I went over to Cheli's house yesterday and she informed me i needed to put something other than cards on my blog. I guess she is getting bored of them. Her husband told me i needed to get a hobby, i said cards are my hobby.

But really what can i say?

Thats just it, my life is boring, i have nothing to say.

I get up in the morning and should read my scriptures and excercise and eat breakfast and work in the yard and clean my house, but no! i would rather be surfing the blog world for fun and interesting cards and papers and ideas on how to create something new or how to use my cricut or cuttlebug.

I am a home body so i don't dream of traveling to far away places even though i could.

It scares me to fly. I have done it. Didn't like it. Don't care to do it. I probably will again to go see my daughter in SC. But she is so busy with school and family that the timing has to be just right.

I should clean my house but it is so nice outside that who wants to be inside cleaning when they can be outside enjoying all the beauties of nature.

I like to garden. We planted a small garden. It is looking great.

The onions look great.

The carrots are just peaking their heads out of the soil.

The peas are doing great, can't wait for those sweet morsels.





and we planted radishses with the scouts. I wanted to plant something i knew would grow fast and they could see the fruits of their labors before they moved on to their next level

I will post pictures of them at our party we are having tomrrow.

They are great kids and a lot of fun.

ok, i think i have babbled enough but i don't know how happy Cheli will be with it.

Maybe she will tell me to go back to my card making.Haha.

I'll find a picture to post just for fun.

A blog is boring without a picture.

Love you all


Josh said...

mom that was great!!! can't wait to see the pic's of scouts :)

Shay Lee said...

Aunt Debbie, why do you and I not do more things together? Um,I don't work either. WE SHOULD GO TO THE GYM!!! I can go pretty much any time as long as I let Jeremy know in advance so he can plan his sleep and school. But please!! Let's do it. I NEED to. Then you can make cards and blog hop the rest of the time. LOL And frankly, i think it is great that you blog so much. I don't even care what it is, it keeps ME entertained during my boring mundane day. LOL