Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Little Piggy Day

So as some of you know, my daughter and i try to get together once a week and make something, learn a new pattern or try something new. This time we picked pigs. Ok, the pictures were so dang cute and we had such high hopes and we were sure we were going to make enough to give a way right.
Well as the story goes, we had the worst time making these babies. We laughed and cried and threw things across the room (not really) we were so frustrated. Our little piggies just didn't turn out like we had hoped. But we will always have our memories, right!

I think Cheli's piggy is so much cuter than mine, i don't dare show you the pattern because you will see just how bad they really are, well mine anyway. Her piggie is on the right, mine on the left. The tails ar cute!!!!

And here is my little piggie Cheli. She is so sweet and kind and adorable. She is sensitive and giving and loving and we have so much fun together. I love you Cheli.


The Barfus' said...

the tail was the best part about the pig!! Love the memories!

Shay Lee said...

I think they are adorable!!!