Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall in Cache Valley

Hubby on a log at Tony's Grove.
A peak in the pines.

Strange but beautiful berries.

Fabulous colors

Hubby on a rock.

The view entering from the trail. AWESOME!

More strange but beautiful berries.

Now this is what Fall is all about!

Isn't this just the most awesome color.
And a view of the hillside entering Tony's Grove.
What a fabulous day.


The Barfus' said...

mom looks like you had fun!!!! All you needed in that blog was a picture of you in all that nature!!! so let Doyle take a picture for once!! :) so when you get old a can't remember what you did last week you can see that you were there!!!! lots of love mom....i will be coming over to show me the progress of my scarf and i want to see you scarf also!!! :)

The Barfus' said...

not blog but a post

Reena Bostock said...

Oh boy do I miss FALL! I miss everything UTah right now. I love you and miss you.