Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Compose a Card with Becky~Polka Dots

So when i first saw Aqua and Red together, i didn't like it. But i must say it has really grown on me now that it is put together on a card.
I didn't have anything polka dotted, so i had to stamp it and the white on red is not as bright as i would like it.
I also didn't have a red button so i made one out of plain red paper and then grunged it up a bit to get some white on it. I had this butterfly laying around and it kept staring at me and i thought well the dots on the wings kind of go along with the whole theme, so i added it. Then i added a touch of ribbon for flavor. I grunged up the sentiment to go along with the button.
Have a nice day and enjoy.


Becky said...

Cool button!!! I LOVE these colors together. So fresh, so fun, so retro! Thanks for playing!

Becky said...

Hey Debbie!
Would you mid re-linking in the new linky thing I have set up at the bottom
of my post? Then we can all see your thumbnail of your purrty card!
I just got this new link thing on the blog, and LOVE it, because we can allsee your pretty work!
THANKS FOR PLAYING! I tried e-mailing you, but it got returned to me.

Kristina said...

LOVE the button!! And I like the sentiment stamp you used..so true.

Thanks for sharing!

Angy said...

love the butterfly! Great job with the challenge ~ wasn't it fun.

Jeanne said...

Love your card and all of the details. You have really combined some great details that make a lasting impression. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great card Becky - that butterfly found a good home.

Sharron said...

Very pretty! Love your butterfly! Great job with the challenge!

Nancy L. said...

so cute!

Cheryl said...

That's a very sweet card. I like the butterfly, especially.

Kay said...

Very pretty! Love your butterfly, it's gorgeous! ♥♥Kay

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Debbie! I said the same thing. So did not like that color combo when I first started hearing of it together. And now... gosh.. I like it.
Funny how things work out... lol!

And great card! :)