Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I didn't realize how much work it was to be unemployed. I haven't had a moment of down time. I am constantly looking on the internet for jobs. Trying to update my reseme. and trying to clean my messy, messy, messy computer/scrapbook room.
Oh well.
Doyle keeps telling me to relax and enjoy the time off but i feel like there is so much to do i can't.
Maybe when i get everything done i won't be so bad.

I went to Cheli's and she fed me yummy burritos and chocolate cake. You can't beat that. Thanks for the dinner.

Well i better go mow the lawn, take a shower, go to D.I. to drop off junk, register at Job service, Send some letters off, Pay bills, and do some laundry.

Yikes theres more but it is overwhelming to me to even think about it.