Thursday, October 9, 2008


Wednesday,Doyle and i went on our first treasure hunt with the metal detector. We went up Black Smith Forks canyon where there use to be an old camp site in the depression that people would come and stay while they were working in locations around the valley.

It was fun.

I couldn't wait to find that first rare coin or piece of jewlery.

I was so excited when i heard the first beeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp!

We dug it up and guess what we found?

An old pop bottle lid. Yup, trash.

We kept going, bbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp! This time the area was larger. We only had the hand shovel with us but i was sure it was an old tin can burried with gold pieces in it.

Yup, it was tin alright, A large piece of tin roofing.

We kept going. beeeeeeeeepppppppppp. Now what, a pop top, or more old tin, nope this time it was a 45 bullet slug.

Then a penny, another penny, then a shell casing.

Check them out.

Cool huh! We can't wait till we find that one rare coin or old jewlery.

But until then.


Have a beeepppinnnnggggg good day.

We are.


Reena Bostock said...

Good Luck with your Beeping project.

Shay Lee said...

I love that picture of Doyle at the top of your blog!!! IT is very artistic!!

The Barfus' said...

Look at all that treasure you found! Your so luck!

The Barfus' said...

your so lucky! not luck hahaha