Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving
I am so grateful for my family, my religion and all the good that surrounds me.
It was a wonderful day with family near and far.
The grandkids make me smile always.
The food was delicious.
My girls are the best a mother could ever ask for.
Now today we are spending the day making our Christmas cards.
What fun.
Life is great!

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McCall and Eric said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And...I haven't commented in awhile and need to mention a few things. 1. You have been making some super cool cards. 2. I LOVE the little book for Kourtney with the cute activities inside, such a fun idea! I want to try it. 3. You won an award! How awesome is that! We love you and gramps and can't wait to see you soon!