Monday, January 3, 2011


Today i go see the Dr. for PreOp instructions and advice.
Tomorrow at 9:15 i will have a hysterectomy.
Part of me wants to cry the other rejoice. and say to myself it never worked right anyway.
No biological children of my own.
But then the other side of me is grateful for the tender mercies of my Heavenly Father who blessed me with 2 beautiful daughters who fill my heart with overflowing. A wonderful dear husband who loves and supports me.
So many tears.
Fighting to be strong and brave.
Putting my trust in my Heavenly Father.
Feeling the love of friends around me.
That is the sweetness of it all. Seeing the love of others and wishing i could be as good as they are.

Until i return..............


Summer said...

want you to know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers. It is so wonderful to hear that you have found such peace. Can't wait to here from you when you return!

Pink Lady's Paradise said...

Good luck today. Hopefully this will give you a boost. I nominated you for a blog award. Please hop on over to my blog and pick up your award.
Cindy :)