Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A very difficult week

It has been a very difficult week. After surgery i felt pretty good. Must have been those happy juices they were giving me at the hospital. The Dr. had a nice surprise when he opened me up. Tons of scar tissue from a tubular ligation over 20 years earlier. The scar tissue was so bad it had attached to the bowl and everything else he was to work on. At this point i would just like to say THANK HEAVENS for a wonderful Dr. He was actually delighted in the surprise and carefully removed all scar tissue which took over an hour and then proceeded to the complete Hysterectomy.  He said other than the surgery taking longer than he had expected that everything went fine and that he could not see any cancer. However he needed to send in the tissue for tests.  He came in  the next day and gave me the good news. Boy was i relieved.  I came home and started on my long journey of pain and healing. I did not think it would get so bad at times. At other times, like now i feel pretty good. I just hope the good times start getting longer and longer.  It is so hard to take all the medications that have been prescribed and not get sick from them. ONE DAY AT A TIME! right.
I have had some wonderful friends and family that have taken care of me and brought in meals and just helped comfort and encourage. I love them dearly but most of all i love my dear husband who sits by my side through all the difficult times that no one else sees. He is truly an angel sent from Heaven and i thank my Heavenly Father for him daily.
On to recovery and the blessings i have been given.

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