Monday, August 10, 2009

Adventures of Doyle's Youth

Sit back and grab a soda to sip on. I have to tell you about my adventure today i went on with Doyle. I think i have married a crazy man. I wish i would have had my camera with me.
He keeps telling me about this bridge in Nibley that he dove off of when he was about 15 and almost broke his neck. Its one of those old black train bridges. You can see the bridge from the road and we have been talking about walking back to it for a year now. So today after lunch when he said what do you want to do i said lets walk back to that bridge you are always talking about.
I had on capris and he had on shorts.
Luckily i had my tennis shoes with me.
He parked off the side of this dirt road and we started to walk down it. I thought it would be dirt road all the way there. Boy was i wrong.
We got to the old Pea Vinery as he calls it and the road ended.
He told me how and where the train use to run by it and he use to play there as a kid. Then he starts trapsing off into the weeds that are now up to my waist like nothing and i am lagging farther and farther behind. As we get back to the corner there is a fence. First an electric fence, and right behind it a fence made out of, how do i explain this, like a cattle fence but it is about 7 ft. high. and it has thistles all along it taller than it. He just hops over the electric fence and stomps the thistles out of the way and climbs up over the other fence and i am standing there thinking there is no way i am getting over that electric fence, and then how in the heck am i going to get over the next one. I am trying to stop him so he can help me and finally i am yelling at him, he finally comes back and steps down on the electric fence so i can climb over it. I am not sure if it was on or not, i didn't dare check. Then you should have seen me trying to climb the next fence. I must be as crazy as he is. Almost 5o and i'm out in a weed patch climbing fences. Well we trapes on in the weeds that are now higher than ever, going places no one has been in a decade and he veres off to the left. Here the walking is easier because we finally end up in an alfalfa field. We walk along there for a while and i am thinking to myself we are moving away from the bridge, not to it. He decides to go through the brushes again and finds another fence, OMG! another fence. Luckily, it was a small wire one, and he pushes the weeds away and climbs over it and there is a house, so we have to climb over another fence immediately to the right which is a small wood fence that the pine tree was hiding and that led us down a small path where there was a tiny stream running and into a horse pasture.
This was kind of down in a dip away from the house. Thank goodness, we might of had a farmer come out with his shotgun. We walk over to this other fence at the end of the pasture and I take one look and tell him he is crazy and i am not going that way and push him out of the way and head back across the pasture and up to the fence we just crossed only this time it is up by the front of the house and i didn't care who saw me i was going up by the house and down the dirt road that i thought for sure would lead us out of there. No more jungle adventures for me.
So he follows me and we get on the road and go around the corner and guess what is right there in front of us?
The Bridge.
I wanted to strangle him.
I told him he was going to go back and get the car and come and get me on the dirt road.
After we hung out at the bridge, he took off after the car and i headed down the dirt road.
It wound down around the river and over to some new houses and out on the highway.
I couldn't believe it. The easiest way to the bridge and he has to take me through some strange jungle the back way to try and find it.
Now that i look back, i have to smile. That is the adventurist side of Doyle that i love and that keeps him going.
He loved every minute of it. I think he liked the walk back to the car the best because he took another path through the thicket and got all scratched up and burrs were stuck to him everywhere. I just keep shaking my head when i think about it. He has had a smile on his face all day. It really was a wonderful day. What a great guy.

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McCall and Eric said...

HA HA That is so my grandpa. I'm glad that you guys found the bridge!And, I'm glad that he married someone like you who is up for a good adventure!