Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 1 My Pink Stamper challenge

The Picture never turns out as well as the card in real life.
Today "My Pink Stamper" (see button at left) is kicking off a week long challenge. Check out her site. It is great. Todays challenge was to pull out an old wheel from stampin up and use it on your project. That was so hard for me. First of all I couldn't find my roller, even though i knew i had One somewhere. Then the ink had dried up so i had to re-ink it then it wasn't working and when i looked i noticed the ink pad had stuck in the down position away from the wheel. LOL!! It has been a long time.
But here is the results.
If you look closely at the dark green you can see the flowers i rolled in black. Its a good thing it is mostly hid, they are crooked. LOL!
Fun, i really like the way this birthday card turned out and i can't wait to give it away.


Robyn said...

This is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!!! Great job with the challenge!! Thanks for playing!!


Buddha said...

I have a hard time believing you created this card today for the challenge - it is beautiful - you are one of the crafters who is really an artist. Great job.

Shay Lee said...

I love this card. Good work, as always.